Monday, 29 June 2015

5 Latest Trends in E-Commerce Market

E-Commerce market is ever changing. To remain competitive in the market it is necessary to identify trends in the market which will support to make a change in the business and which will increase your market reach.

1. Time to become Mobile Friendly

Over the years, there is an increase in the number of mobile users. In addition to introduction about communication technologies like 3G and 4G, there is a large part of traffic on internet, social media and e-commerce websites is from mobile devices.

E-commerce companies have accepted that more than 50% of orders received by them on previous year were placed from mobile. And during current year and in coming years these numbers will increase numerously.

2. Go For More Videos

The way of making people aware about product has been changed with the evolution of e-commerce industry. At present preference to videos about product from buyers has increased because of its presentation, attractiveness, detailed and simple description about product functionalities. This has made the e-commerce website to work again on the presentation of the product.

3Only Selling is not enough

If a marketer thinks that one can easily sustain in market by focusing only on sales then it is time to rethink.

Now – a – days though buyers are purchasing through online, still they want the personal touch as same as if they are purchasing from a physical store. The only thing buyers want is attention from seller. Therefore players in e-commerce market have to focus on this aspect. This can be done by continuously studying and observing behavior of the buyers while surfing website.

4. Focus on content

For e-commerce one thing that will never change is importance of quality content on website for digital marketing of an e-commerce company. Content was, is and will be the most important factor to convert visitors of website into buyer.

Thus, as an e-commerce business owner has to focus on developing content in most convenient way and which is related to customer needs and preference.

5. Be Prepared. Holidays are coming

            Holidays can make you achieve the sales of a quarter in only one day. According to survey it is found that every e-commerce website faces excess traffic during holidays. In US on Black Friday many e-commerce website have faced that much online traffic that the web servers have stop responding during that day.

            So for the current year also every e-commerce player has to be prepared for facing such situation by making sites capable to face such a huge traffic and by maintaining sufficient inventory to handle such demand. 


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